A Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Men

A Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Men

When you walk into an adult toy store or browse online, you see a lot of things meant for women or penetration-type vibrators. Where do the men come into the picture?

There are lots of toys for men! From cock rings to prostate stimulators, you just need to know what to look for.

Start exploring your options for sex toys for men in the article below.

Cock Rings

An easy introduction into the world of male sex toys? Cock Rings! This silicone (usually) rings make your erection bigger and make it last longer.

How? It keeps the blood that's in your penis right where it's supposed to be.

Why would you use one? Other than the fact it makes you look, feel, and seem bigger? It prolongs your playtime.

It's a bit like edging, in that you can go longer and hold off orgasms when you usually couldn't. It's not going to make you last three hours, but you'll get a couple extra minutes of play.

Unlike some other toys, we'll explore, start with something big. You don't want anything too tight and structured while you're still getting used to the sensation.

Pick something stretchy, made of easily washable silicone. Start playing with it on your own, before you introduce a partner into it.

The cock ring goes right around the base of your cock, put it on once you're already hard. Then masturbate as usual and notice the difference in sensation.

Since the cock ring will make you look bigger and more engorged, take some pictures. Send them to your partner (only if they're into that!) and enjoy their heart eye emoji reactions.

Once you get used to your starter cock ring, you can go smaller. The smaller cock rings squeeze tighter and enhance the sensations even more than a bigger one.

After that, look into exploring cock and ball rings. These have two holes that wrap around your cock and balls and no, it doesn't hurt.

In fact, your balls taught in a nice cock-ring package is prime for licking and sucking.

Sleeve Sex Toys for Men

No, not the kind you wear your heart on. Penis extenders and "pocket pussy" like sleeves are for partner and solo play.

They're usually silicone or soft PVC with ridges and interesting details on the inside to stimulate all inches of your cock.

Make sure to squirt some lube inside your masturbation sleeve to make it feel like the real thing.

If you're using a penis extender, these are like a hollow strap-on, some harness to your body, others have cock-ring like straps around your balls.

If you're self-conscious about your size, this is a great way to offer your partner more. Make sure you ease into it if your partner isn't used to the extra oomph. Use lube on the inside and outside of these sexy toys as well!

Realistic Shaped Masturbators

Want something more... human-like than a penis sleeve? There are silicone butts, vaginas, even whole torsos with holes to use for your pleasure.

They're like a pocket pussy, but you get a more visually stimulating experience. Look for toys that offer "lifelike materials" and are silicone or something else easy to clean.

Have a favorite porn star? Some realistic masturbators have the exact shapes and holes of famous sex workers. You can fuck the pornstar of your dreams whenever you want!

If you want to pay a little more, you can get some with extra features. Want the hole you're fucking to vibrate? Some masturbators can do that.

Want it to be warm? That's an option in higher-end models too. If you're willing to pay for it, you can get more and more realistic.

Sex Dolls

You've likely seen images or videos of hyper-realistic sex dolls. Scientists are working to make them as realistic as possible, some even have robotic capabilities.

If you want a realistic doll, they now come so they're pose-able. Gone are those cheap blow-up toy like sex dolls, they're getting more and more like the real thing!

Butt Stuff

Let's talk about the P-spot. No, this isn't anything to do with urine. Your P spot is your prostate, located about two inches up your anal canal.

Playing with your prostate can bring you orgasms, unlike anything you've ever felt before. Seriously, a prostate stimulated orgasm with cock play with blow your mind!

More and more men are exploring ass play, as they should. If you don't know if you like it, start by yourself, with one of the following toys.

It's okay if it takes you a few tries to find your prostate or to find a toy that works for you. You know your body best!

Prostate Simulators

Prostate simulators look like oddly shaped butt plugs. The best kind for prostate stimulation curve up towards the front of your body, internally.

You can get them in all sizes and shapes, though if you're new you should start small. Make sure you use lots of lube any time you're doing ass related play.

Prostate Combos

Not to be outdone, you can get prostate vibrators, cock rings with a prostate stimulator, about combination you want.

Try a few options, some are better for masturbation, others are great for partner play!

Be Open

When you're getting your first sex toys for men, you need to be open to new sensations. If you've never tried it before, it's okay if it feels strange at first. Don't give up on it!

If you're doing butt play and it hurts, that means you need more lube or got too big too fast. Go slow and listen to your body. It should feel good.

What on this list spiked your interest? Give it a try! You have nothing to lose and lots of orgasms to gain.

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