How to Spice Up Your Love Life With Your Significant Other

How to Spice Up Your Love Life With Your Significant Other

Worried that things are getting stale with your significant other?

Luckily, sexperts say mixing things up in the bedroom could be all you need to breath new passion into your love life. Transforming routine into new and exciting experiences could take your relationship to new heights from its current slump.

Read on below as we take a look at a few ways to spice up your love life.

Switch Up Positions

If you're not the adventuring sort, you might want to start small. There's nothing wrong with that, so start by switching positions.

There are lots of fun sex positions outside of missionary. They'll introduce new sensations into the bedroom, and you'll get to see each other from new angles. You might both discover an amazing position you never considered before.

If nothing else, trying new positions brings novelty back into the bedroom. If things are starting to get samey, that alone can get you back on track.

Play Some Games

Want to take it up a notch? Try introducing some games to the bedroom.

Try a dirty game of 20 Questions. Or ask "Would You Rather?". Either one could get you spilling fantasies you've kept to yourselves.

A game of trivia with some sexy forfeits can test how well you know each other and escalate until you're both desperate of sex for relief.

There's also the tried-and-true Strip variant of your favorite games. You get to have a little fun with an extra twist, which offers the perfect segue from a relaxing evening into a sexy bedtime.

Play With Your Food

Banning crumbs from the bedroom doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with food.

Food and sex go together to a surprising degree. They're both intensely sensual experiences. The trick to playing with food is to keep it light and sweet. This isn't dessert; it's an appetizer to the main course. Frozen treats can add an intriguing twist to the evening.

You can even make washing up fun by hitting the shower together when you're done.

Hit the Shops

Like most toys, sex toys can turn your imagination into reality.

Forget grocery shopping and head to the sex shop instead. Pick out some new toys together. You'll get the raunchy bonus of talking about sex long before you do it. By the time you get home, you'll be buzzing with energy.

If you're too shy to do it in the real world, you can try to shop online together. There's a good chance your hands will be all over each other by the time you finish - and you get to do it all over again when the package arrives.

Switch Up The Dynamic

You might know who wears in the pants in your relationship, but modern sex life is often a pretty equal place. So try throwing it out.

Give someone complete control for a night of passion. Decide a safe word in advance and go for it. Even without getting downright kinky, a clear power dynamic can really spice things up in the room.

You'll discover a lot about yourself and your partner by doing this. Maybe you'll lean into your roles harder than you ever thought, unlocking new desires.

Shatter the Routine

Fallen into a routine? Is sex confined to Saturday mornings between 7 and 8 am?

Routine can suck a lot of the joy out of sex. But our lives structure themselves around routines, and your love life can end up a victim as you squeeze it in between other things.

Throw the routine out the window to spice up your love life. Strip down in the middle of the living room, or get raunchy right after work. Even a sly fondle while you're watching a movie could turn into much more.

Bring the spontaneity back and have fun with it.

Talk It Out

One of the best ways to spice up your love life is to talk up your sex in advance.

Spend the day telling each other exactly what you'll do when you get your hands on each other. You'll most likely be in a situation where you can't do it immediately, which just builds up the suppressed energy for later.

When you finally get home, you'll have to resist tearing each other's clothes off immediately after all that build-up. It's sure to put some fire back into the bedroom and stave off that routine feel.

Go Full Romance

Not everything about your sex life has to be purely carnal. Romance can stir the loins as much as fiery passion.

Try to woo each other again like you did at the very beginning. Surprise dates, unexpected gifts, and meals by candlelight can all put that spark of romance back into the relationship. And with enough romance, the spark of sexy soon follows.

This one's great because it doesn't turn sex into the be-all of your relationship. It rekindles a time when you fought hard for each other's love and enjoyed the fun you had along the way.

Sneak Away

There's something about illicitness and sex that just go great together, so combining them is a great way to spice up your love life.

If you're not risky enough to sneak some sex in public, try breaking away from a social engagement for a quicky. Disappearing to another room for a quick feel in the dark can get you both fired up. Plus, the sizzling anticipating of being found out can make it more intense.

And even if anyone does suspect, they likely won't be brave enough to speak up about it. So you'll get the feeling you just had sex and pulled off a successful heist at the same time. It's a rush!

Spice Up Your Love Life With New Things

These are just some tips to help spice up your love life, but the truth is there's no end to the ways you can switch up your sex life. Bounce ideas off each other and see what exciting new things you can come up with.

Want to embrace sex as a healthy part of your life? You can always contact us with your questions.

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