Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Lubricant and How to Use It

Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Lubricant and How to Use It

Do you feel dry where you're supposed to be wet? Or do you need a little help fitting a few large things into your holes? You probably need sexual lubricant.

A sexual lubricant has many uses in the bed. It helps increase your pleasure and your partner's pleasure while also making many sexual activities safer.

Different types of lubricant offer benefits such as increasing sensitivity and making your privates taste and smell better.

If you're now realizing lube should be included in your sexual activities, you're probably wondering how to find the best lube and how to use it. Here's a personal lubricant guide you'll find useful.

How to Find the Best Lubricant

There are many different types of lubricant on the market. Some people prefer good old-fashioned lubricant -- the kind that makes everything wetter and better. There are also different lubricant variations that offer more fun in the bedroom.

While it's always fun to experiment, it's useful to know what kind of lubricant you're looking for. Here are some helpful lubricant buying tips.

Water-Based Lubricant

Many couples choose water-based lubricant because it's safe and easy to clean-up. These are also safe to use with latex condoms.

Water-based lubricant is slippery but doesn't last as long as other types of lubricant.

If you only plan on having some fun for a short amount of time, opt for this kind. But if you expect the fun to last all night long, use another type of lubricant.

Silicone-Based Lubricant

Silicone-based lubricants are just as slippery as water-based lubricants but are longer lasting. A little goes a long way with silicone lube and their powerful effects last all night.

But this can be dangerous. Avoid getting the lubricant on any surface, such as the floor.

Keep in mind, silicone lubricants take longer to clean up. A shower after sex is recommended.

Arousal and Desensitizing Lubes

Do you struggle with arousal and lubrication during sex? Opt for arousal lubes.

These lubes add a little tingling and warming where you're lacking. They are recommended if you struggle to reach an orgasm. Safely use these lubes during vaginal and anal intercourse.

Arousal lubes are usually water-based lubes but always read the packaging to be safe. When using arousal lubes, it's best to immediately have sex after application. The results are pretty intense!

On the opposite scale, there are desensitizing lubes. These lubes are perfect for men who have issues lasting. Men should apply these lubes to their penis or to the condom (unless the lube is oil-based).

Flavored Lubes

These lubes are recommended for couples who enjoy a little bit of oral. They add flavor to your genitals, heightening the oral experience for your partner. They also add a nice scent in case you or your partner have off-days.

These lubes are usually also water-based but always read the packaging to make sure. They're usually always edible but always pay attention to your dietary concerns and proper storage. There are usually organic and vegan options.

Lubricated Condoms

Kill two birds with one stone and opt for lubricated condoms.

These condoms are made with extra slippery fun. You'll protect yourself and your partner from pregnancy, STDs, and you'll reduce your risk of other bodily injuries from improper lubrication.

If lubricated condoms aren't enough, use separate lubrication.

Additional Facts and Tips

As with all things sexual, using lubricants comes with additional safety guidelines and tips.

Using lubricants with condoms is recommended. Lubricants avoid friction, which helps the condom stay intact.

Use as much lube as you need. Use more lube with thin condoms, during anal, using sex toys, if your partner has a large penis, or if you struggle with natural vaginal lubrication.

If you plan on using latex condoms, only use water and silicone-based lubrication. Oil-based lubricants will break down the latex.

If you don't plan on using condoms, natural oils such as coconut oil are also great lubricants.

There's no right lube or secret lubing facts. It all boils down to your preference.

How to Use Personal Lubricant

There's no right way to lube up because sexual lubricant is used for multiple purposes. We'll break down the myriad of ways to use lubricant and how to get started.


One of the most common uses for lubricant is masturbation. Whether you only used arousal lubricant or use lubricant for sex toys, lubricant offers many ways to pleasure yourself.

To use arousal lubricant, apply the lubricant to your hands or directly on your genitals. Arouse yourself how you normally would and experience intoxicating pleasure.

For sex toys, apply the lube on the toy and around your orifice (i.e. around the vagina or rectum). Slowly place your toy inside of your orifice. Apply more if necessary.

During Sex

There's no shame if you need lubrication during sex. Using lubricant is safe and offers more pleasure.

For vaginal sex, apply lubricant on the penis and around your vagina. If your partner is wearing a condom, apply the condom first and then use the lubricant.

If your partner is using an arousal lube, apply the lube first and then apply the condom.

Use as much lube as necessary.

For anal sex, use the same advice for the vaginal method. Keep in mind that you may need more lube during anal and you may also need to stretch out your rectum. Opt for a silicone-based lube for powerful and longer-lasting lubrication.

For oral sex, apply the arousal or flavored lube directly on your partner's genitals. You can also apply the lube on your hands and rub it in.

Time to Lube It Up

No one should suffer from sex. If sex is too painful, it may be time to use a personal lubricant. Some women can't produce enough vaginal fluids for enjoyable sex.

Other sexual activities, such as anal and masturbation, require lubrication for safety and pleasure.

You would be surprised how many people use lube. Use this guide and find the best lube for you before lubing it up.

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